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PJ Welsh and Associates, LLC, a Colorado Springs, CO based law enforcement training and
consulting company, is proud to present the Warrior, Servant, Leader Conference for law
enforcement officers of all ranks and related professions.

The Warrior, Servant, Leader Conference is a unique opportunity for attendees to spend two to
four days of intense training, discussion, and application of skill sets and principles to four key
and emerging topics in the communities they serve:

- PTSD and first responder wellness
- Terrorism, counter-terrorism and domestic terrorism
- Human Trafficking
- Warrior, Servant, Leader Mindset at work, home and in the community

The speakers for this conference come from federal, local and military backgrounds, with over
100 years of combined experience of saving and changing lives. This is more than just a two to
four-day training event. Individual one-on-one Warrior, Servant, Leadership Coaching will be
offered to participants, at an additional cost, by internationally certified John C. Maxwell Team
coaches with extensive 1 st responder experience.

Who should attend: law enforcement officers and 1 st responders of all ranks (civilian and
military), DA’s, Victim Advocates, ER hospital personnel, post-secondary students in the pursuit
of advanced degrees in Criminal Justice/Homeland Security and related professions.

For additional information on speakers, contact Patrick Welsh, Founder and President, PJ Welsh and Associates, LLC at pjwelshllc@gmail.com